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Pelican? Storm Case? iM2275 is designed using custom foam to protect your DJI Mavic? Pro drone against damage and the elements during travel & storage. The shell is watertight to keep out moisture and dust. Custom foam securely fits 4 batteries, Mavic Pro, remote & extra propellers. Two padlock-accommodating hasps safeguard against unauthorized access. Soft grip handle that makes it easy to carry.
  • EXT LENGTH (in):15.25
  • EXT WIDTH (in):15.5
  • EXT DEPTH (in):10.22
  • INT LENGTH (in):14.12
  • INT WIDTH (in):13.19
  • INT DEPTH (in):9.9
  • LID DEPTH (in):3.2
  • BOTTOM DEPTH (in):6.3
  • WEIGHT NO FOAM (lbs):8

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