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EscapeUL .25 w/Hand Pump, 416X50 Scope, BKL 1" High Rings



The EscapeUL is an ultra lightweight survival gun weighing only 4 pounds. The smaller air cylinder makes for a compact, easy to fill rifle.


The EscapeUL is available in Original Black Finish.
  • Velocity:800-1200 feet per second (Depending on caliber, pellet weight, and power setting)
  • Power Adjustment:User-adjustable
  • Maximum Fill Pressure:3000 psi / 200 bar
  • Action:Single shot
  • Weight:4.25 lbs.
  • Length:User Adjustable 28.5-33 inches
  • Barrel:18 inches
  • Trigger:2-stage adjustable for position
  • Sights:Open or optical sights may be installed
  • Air Tank Volume:213cc
  • Safety:Automatic on cocking

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