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2010PL SabreLite™ Flashlight



2010PL SabreLite™ Flashlight


  • As bright as a Xenon light with the battery life of an LED

  • Built Pelican tough

  • Glow-in-the-dark shroud

  • Super bright LED beam

  • Twist on/off activation

  • Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence


Pelican™ SabreLite™

Same features as the SabreLite™ 2010 LED Flashlight, but outfitted with a lens ring that emits a bright glow in the dark. The new generation photoluminescent material in the plastic absorbs the energy from any light source - fluorescent lights, the sun, or even the flashlight's own beam. No more fumbling in the dark for your flashlight.

  • LENGTH (in):8.11
  • WEIGHT PACKAGED (oz):13.4
  • WEIGHT W/ BATTERIES (oz):13.4

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