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PepperBall® TRP™ Launcher
The Tactical Response Pistol, is a low-profile and lightweight non-lethal launcher, offering the ability to carry a multi-shot, less lethal product on a belt. Use the TRP with regular-round and long-range VXR™ projectiles and either CO2 or N2.
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PepperBall TCP Pistol
The Tactical Compact Pistol, our smallest PepperBall® launcher, gives you the ability to carry a multi-shot, non-lethal product on your belt.
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PepperBall FTC Basic
Semi-automatic Firing rate of 10-12 RPS Compact lightweight modular design MIL-STD-1913 Rail for mounting accessories Cross-bolt safety switch 13 Cubic inch high pressure air system
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PepperBall TAC-SA
Product Features: Semi-automatic, 3-round burst shots or full auto action Select-fire electronic firing system with firing rate of 10-12 RPS Compact lightweight modular design Ambidextrous rotational safety switch
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PepperBall VKS - no Hopper
With the Dual Feed System, an officer can quickly switch between “Hopper Mode” and “Magazine Mode” during an operation for optimum versatility.
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PepperBall INERT Powder Projectiles - 375 ct.
Containing a harmless, scented powder, this projectile is best suited for practice or direct impact when chemical exposure is not desired.
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PepperBall LIVE PAVA (OC) Powder Projectiles
IN STOCK READY TO SHIP-The basic PepperBall projectile, it contains 2% PAVA, and is excellent for direct impact and area saturation, especially in confined, interior spaces.
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PepperBall LIVE-X PAVA (OC) Powder Projectiles
Our most potent and powerful concentration of PAVA pepper powder. One round of LIVE-X™ contains the equivalent to 10 regular PepperBall rounds.
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PepperBall Glass Breaker Solid Projectiles
Used to break side glass of vehicles and residential glass windows. A solid polymer projectile used for breaking out residential windows and side-glass of automobiles. Not for use on humans or animals.
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PepperBall® Pink Washable Liquid Marking Projectiles - 375 ct.
This projectile contains a paint solution that can be used to mark suspects for later apprehension and/or marking doors, openings, or objects for identification. (Pink Color)
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PepperBall VXR INERT Powder Projectiles - 50ct.
This projectile is best suited for training, qualifications, and direct impact when chemical exposure is not desired
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