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10x42 WP, Level ED, ED Glass
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2X30mm Red Dot
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VX-100 Tactical Vest and Leg Platform
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Pelican 1430 Top Loader Case with Foam (OD Green)
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Pelican 955 Micro Sport Wallet
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Caiman Ballistic Helmet System
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Springfield Armory XD-S | RIGHT HAND -Defender
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Mega-Fit Holster (Fit over 150 pistols)
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Handcuff Pouch with Belt Clip
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PepperBall® PPC™ 13cu HPA Kit (1 PPC, Three 10 Round Magazines, Soft Case, HPA Bottle, HPA Adapter with On/Off, and Adjustable Stock)
Patrol. Ready. Lightweight and portable, the PPC is designed to give patrol officers an easy to operate non-lethal option. The PPC uses PepperBall® .68 caliber round, extended range VXR™ or glass-breaking projectiles and is powered by either HPA or an 88 gram single use CO2 cartridge.
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PepperBall One VKS 15-Round Magazines
Designed for use with the PepperBall® VKS™ platform.
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PepperBall 88 Gram CO2 On/Off Adapter
Screw in CO2 adapter specifically designed to thread onto 88-gram cartridges for use in Less-Lethal Launchers. Compatible with PepperBall launchers that accept air bottles, allowing the user to power their launcher.
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Pelican 1745 Air Long Case
Pelicanª Air cases are the first in a series of remarkable innovations engineered by Pelican, the pioneers of protective cases. For over 40 years Pelican has designed and crafted the most influential protective cases in the world, and we're just getting s
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FD-4 Arca Spec QD BiPod
The Accu-Tac FD-4 Arca Spec QD bipod was designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA. The FD-4 G2 bipod is perfect for bolt action guns, precision, target, competition, and airguns shooting. This is only a suggested use, this model is not exclusive to these applications.
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These 5ive Star Gear® Tactical Knee Pads are designed to protect the user while crawling or in tight spaces. The rubberized, non-slip cap grips the surface while allowing the user ...
TRP™ MAGAZINE 6 rounds.
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PepperBall® INERT™ Powder Projectiles - 3000 Ct. Bulk packaged 3000 Ct. INERT™ practice projectiles in plastic bags.
PepperBall® INERT™ Powder Projectiles - 3000 Ct. Bulk packaged 3000 Ct. INERT™ practice projectiles in plastic bags.
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PepperBall BLAST-GB
BLAST-GB™ A solid tool for a specific purpose. The BLAST-GB offers a durable, high-hardness tungsten carbide hammer tip to safely break through auto and other glass. The BLAST-GB offers all the same payload features as the basic BLAST.
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The VESPID pack is a great everyday carry solution. The pack’s four zipper opening allows three access modes: Top loading - using just the lid for quick access, Front loading - using just the vertical zippers allows access to all gear inside without disturbing the contents and Full loading - opening all zippers to expose the entire load. The harness is fully adjustable and padded with closed cell foam and spacer mesh. Its “split tongue” harness allows for vertical adjustment and added breathability.
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KITANCIA Squadron 40L Duffel
This heavy-duty 1000D CORDURA® Fabric duffel is built to go the distance. The large opening spans the entire top side and wraps down half another for easy access to the entire compartment. All exterior zippers are large, No. 10 YKK® for durability and ease of opening.
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