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Springfield Armory XD-S | RIGHT HAND -Defender
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Handcuff Pouch with Belt Clip
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Mega-Fit Holster (Fit over 150 pistols)
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Pelican 1745 Air Long Case
Pelicanª Air cases are the first in a series of remarkable innovations engineered by Pelican, the pioneers of protective cases. For over 40 years Pelican has designed and crafted the most influential protective cases in the world, and we're just getting s
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FD-4 Arca Spec QD BiPod
The Accu-Tac FD-4 Arca Spec QD bipod was designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA. The FD-4 G2 bipod is perfect for bolt action guns, precision, target, competition, and airguns shooting. This is only a suggested use, this model is not exclusive to these applications.
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PepperBall® TRP™ Launcher
The Tactical Response Pistol, is a low-profile and lightweight non-lethal launcher, offering the ability to carry a multi-shot, less lethal product on a belt. Use the TRP with regular-round and long-range VXR™ projectiles and either CO2 or N2.
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Pelican StealthLite Flashlight 2460
The rechargeable version of the StealthLiteª 2410 LED Flashlight,. The 2460 uses the 2469P Ni-MH batteries for extended burn time. It comes with a charger base unit that can be installed at home or work using the transformer, or in a vehicle through direc
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Pelican Specialty Light 2490
With its screw-on traffic wand, Pelican's new 2490 LED makes flight deck FOD (foreign object damage) a thing of the past. Powered by 4AA batteries, the 2490 LED's produces 64 lumens of clean bright light to ensure maximum communication visibility. And, wi
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Pelican Emergency Lighting station 3310ELS
When the power goes out, the Pelicanª 3310 ELS appears: a self-contained glowing beacon and flashlight that's easy to locate in the dark. Housed in a clear tamper-proof case, the Pelicanª 3310 ELS mounts to the wall in the home, office or factory, making
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Pelican Flashlight 3315cc
Common LED lights can produce an intense beam and lower CRI (Color Rendering Index), making it difficult to distinguish between different color cables and overpower your work area with blinding bright light. Our new Correct Color flashlights are engineere
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Pelican Little Ed Right Angle Light 3610
The 3610 is a right angle flashlight that uses our latest ÒDeep MountÓ LED technology, delivering impressive lumens and lux performance. The stainless steel mounting clip allows for hands free applications. The body is made of tough EXL that's corrosion p
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Pelican Right Angle Light 3715
Pelican leads the way yet again with its new right angle light. Featuring downcast LEDs for illuminating your path, the new 3715 LED light also features 233 lumens (high) and 113 lumens (low), and a flashing mode. Another first is a built in battery life
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Pelican Right Angle Light 3765
NFPA Compliant (National Fire Protection Agency) 1901 , Also Operates on 4 Standard AA Alkaline Batteries , Compact and Lightweight
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Pelican Flashlight 5050R
Get local to long distance in a slide. The new Pelicanª 5050R flashlight features flood to spot technology: Flood position projects a wide beam to illuminate your work area and spot beam for a long distance focused beam.
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Pelican Tactical Flashlight 7060
In a rare collaboration between public and private sectors, the City of Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has partnered with Pelican Products to develop the Pelican 7060 LED as the standard issue tactical/patrol flashlight for all its officers.
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