A History of Trusted Protection

PepperBall was originally developed in 1996 by Jaycor as a non-lethal weapon alternative for government agencies and commercial markets. Since being brought to market in 1998, more than 5,000 agencies including the United States Border Patrol, United States Coast Guard, and the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement have trusted PepperBall as their go-to solution for non-lethal defense.  PepperBall is a trademark and brand name of United Tactical Systems, a privately held company that develops, manufactures, and distributes non-lethal systems for law enforcement, corrections, homeland defense, military, government, private security, and personal protection markets. 

Your Complete Non-Lethal Solution

PepperBall® is much more than a product. It’s a complete non-lethal defense solution designed to save lives. Because when you’re out in the field, you need options – options that make you safer and better equipped to do your job confidently. From advanced military operations to everyday police work, you have to be ready for the unexpected. PepperBall gives you the right hardware and training to be best-prepared whenever the unexpected happens.


Committed to Your Mission

Our mission is to ensure you can safely execute your mission. As a complete non-lethal compliance system, PepperBall is a safe, effective, and simple-to-use alternative that can be used in a wider range of situations than any other product on the market. 

Better Protection for Everyone

Over 5,000 agencies across the globe trust PepperBall® to protect them in a wide range of situations from routine procedures to their most advanced missions. From the U.S. Army and Marines in Afghanistan to police officers walking the streets of the Midwest, PepperBall is your complete compliance system to help you save lives and do your job more confidently.


Protection for Almost Any Situation

 PepperBall is the most versatile non-lethal system available, allowing officers to deploy it in a wide range of situations. PepperBall’s many uses include: Anti-riot Area denial Armed attacker Building security Border security Cell extractions Civil disobedience Combative suspects Drug labs Event/VIP security Force-on-force training High-risk warrants High-risk transports Inmate control Non-compliant individuals Standoffs Searches Vehicle or vessel interdiction

Trusted for the Most Advanced Operations

Today’s world climate requires military personnel to combine tactical force with effective non-lethal options. PepperBall® systems offer the protection and power troops need to keep themselves and the world safe without taking any unnecessary risks. Trusted by the U.S. Army and Marines, PepperBall is designed to be effective at long ranges and in difficult situations when troops are confronted by all sorts of dangers. When peace and democracy are at stake, make sure PepperBall is part of your mission.

Protection for Almost Any Situation

PepperBall® is the most versatile non-lethal system available, allowing military officers to deploy it in a wide range of situations. PepperBall’s many uses include:

*Area denial 
*Armed attackers 
*Civil disobedience
*Convoys and checkpoints
*Crowd control and protests

Making Prisons a Safer Place

Corrections officers need to be ready for anything, and they have to respond while keeping inmates safe. With the PepperBall® system at the ready, corrections officers can do their job effectively and safely without resorting to deadly use of force. PepperBall provides unmatched safety and flexibility for almost any situation in a prison. That’s why the Federal Bureau of Prisons uses PepperBall systems during cell extractions and other situations that require safe inmate control. If you want to keep inmates under control without sacrificing the safety of your officers, you need PepperBall on your team.

Protect the Borders. Protect Your Officers.

Border patrol in today’s world climate is becoming an increasingly dangerous and demanding job. Border patrol agents are expected to protect the border safely against illegal aliens, rock throwers, rioters, and more without escalating to deadly force. That’s why agencies around the world, including the U.S. Department of Customs and Border Patrol, trust the PepperBall® non-lethal defense system. Providing CBP agents with the ability to safely engage in a wide range of situations from up to 150 feet away, PepperBall makes border patrol safer and more effective than ever before. When the border is at stake, protect everyone safely with PepperBall.

The Ultimate Protection at Land and at Sea

For coast guard operations, you need to be ready to protect yourself effectively whether you’re on land or at sea. With the PepperBall® non-lethal defense system, you can safely carry out your mission no matter how rough the waters get. The ultimate in versatility and long-range accuracy, PepperBall keeps officers safer and lets them carry out their duties more effectively than any other system available. That’s why the United States Coast Guard deploys PepperBall on every cutter. Keep everyone safe up and down the coast by bringing PepperBall on board your vessels.

Protection You Can Trust on Every Job

In the private security business, you need to be prepared to act quickly when a dangerous situation arises. Whether you’re on security duty at a private event, a school, an apartment building, or a corporate complex, you can trust PepperBall® to help you get the job done safely no matter what comes up during your shift. As the only non-lethal defense system with no deaths, no serious injuries, and no judgments, PepperBall is the safest and most effective option for a private security guard. Make sure PepperBall is on your belt whenever you’re on duty.