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Cyansky H5 Multi-color Long-range Hunting Flashlight (600m, 1600 Lumens)
Cyansky H5 patented design long-range LED hunting flashlight features 600 meters and 1300 lumens maximumly with the white, red and green light for predators hunting.
Cyansky K3 Super Long-range Tactical Flashlight (600m, 1600lumens)
Cyansky K3 long-range tactical flashlight beams a maximum of 600 meters and 1600 meters. Perfect for police security, law enforcement and self tactical use.
Cyansky K3-I8 850nm Long-range Infrared Flashlight (350m, 5000mW)
The CYANSKY K3-I8 is a long-range infrared flashlight specially designed for military, police and hunting uses. Equipped with 5000MW OSRAM IR LED, the palm-sized IR flashlight can reach a maximum of 350 meters beam distance with 5000mW output.
Cyansky M2 33mm Mini-size EDC Keychain Flashlight (83m, 200 lumens)
Cyansky M2 EDC keychain LED flashlight is the smallest flashlight with 200 lumens and the brightest one with a similar size.
Cyansky M3 Small EDC Titanium Pocket Flashlight
The Cyansky M3 is an ultra-durable, compact, and powerful EDC Titanium flashlight made for daily use, disaster situations, or collection. It is anti-corrosive, anti-rust, extremely reliable for all weather.
Cyansky P20 Waterproof Practical Outdoor Flashlight (240m, 1600 lumens)
Cyansky P20 is a super compact and powerful waterproof outdoor flashlight. The flashlight is equipped with a LUMINUS SST40 LED and powered by one high-quality 18650 battery, and its maximum output is up to 1600 lumens and beam distance is up to 240 meters (262yards).
Cyansky P25 3000 Lumens Tactical Flashlight (192m, 3000 Lumens)
The P25 is a super bright, compact tactical flashlight torch. Equipped with a CREE XHP70.2 LED chip and powered by a 1*5000 mAH rechargeable 21700 battery, the pocket-size torch can reach a high output of 3000 lumens and up to 192 meters/629 feet long range.