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Pelican 955 Micro Sport Wallet
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PepperBall® SplitShot
In Stock.
PepperBall TCP  Hard Case
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Pepperball Live SD  Projectiles
$39.99 $32.99 Sale
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iM2200 Storm Case W / Foam Black
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10x42 WP, Level ED, ED Glass
$759.00 $279.95 Sale

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PepperBall TCP Universal Magazine
TCP Spare Universal Magazine - Black (Functions with VXR and Round Projectiles)
PepperBall Single Mag TMP or TCP  Magazine Pouch
Holds one spare TMP or TCP mag, Universal Molle platform, durable nylon construction
In Stock.
PepperBall 8g CO2 Cartridges (for TCP) 10 Count
These PepperBall 8 gram co2 cartridges for use in the TCP Pistol, LifeLite Mobile, First Strike FSC, and other launchers that require 8 gram Co2.
In Stock.
PepperBall FTC PRO
Redesigned for 2024, the FTC PRO™ is a high-capacity, semi-automatic launcher that is the gold standard non-lethal option for corrections, crowd management and mobile field force. Reliable and accurate, it features a newly designed 160 round hopper.
In Stock.
PepperBall Gravity Hopper
PepperBall Gravity Hopper - 180 round capacity
In Stock.
PepperBall EL-2 Electronic Hopper - 180 Projectile Capacity
180 round electric feed hopper for use with the PepperBall® VKS™, TAC-SF™, and FTC™ platforms.
In Stock.
PepperBall SplitShot Molle Pouch
520-01-0001 PepperBall® SplitShot™ Molle Pouch
In Stock.
PepperBall Single Point Sling
Securely attaches your launcher to your body during tactical movement.
In Stock.
PepperBall FTC Soft Side Case
PepperBall® FTC™ Soft Side Case
In Stock.
PepperBall Speed Pod Loader
Easy to carry 150-round capacity for quick reloads.
In Stock.