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bolt carrier groups

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Bolt carrier groups, or BCGs, are one of the essential parts of your rifles. They can either be removable, where the bolt carrier is completely detached from the gun or fixed. The function of the BCG is to provide the weapon with consistent and reliable cycling of the firearm. Bolt Carrier Groups can be used for firing semi-automatic or full-auto fire, depending on how the bolt is used. If you are planning to buy a new AR 15, AR 10, 300 Blackout or any other gun for your collection, make sure that the bolt carrier group you select can match your desired looks. The best thing about them is that they can be adjusted to fit any firearm, also, consider the ease of cleaning the BCG. Bolt carrier groups are manufactured with a combination of nickel boron and stainless steel. BCG made with aluminium are lighter and smaller than the steel ones, the aluminium ones are much more robust and reliable. If you are looking for bolt carrier groups for sale for your firearm, you can select from the different options offered by AP Distributors, we have partnered with the best bolt carrier groups manufacturers 2A Armament & Odin Works, BCGs manufactured by these companies can meet your needs.