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Ballistic Shield

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It is made of the military-grade ballistic shield instead of Kevlar, and this is important. The police riot shield is designed so that it's large enough to defend the body from the surface of the head to the base of the knees. Shields have been in existence since the outset of combat. Pop shield technology offers an ideal mix of protection and mobility. The Pop ballistic shield can be equipped with an assortment of unique alternatives to grow the effectiveness in tactical conditions. While the shield has to be held with both hands, it can nevertheless be utilized to execute a bash attack on hostiles. Pop shields are made to supply the optimal protection surface to users. The Pop ballistic shields are the consequence of years of knowledge and research into the usage of shields in tactical conditions. The ballistic shield is fitted to the full underbody of the automobile. It's usually legal for civilians to buy and own body armor and ballistic shields within America.