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The Safariland Group Products

Safariland, LLC is a United States-based manufacturer of individuals, and other gear focused on the law enforcement, military, and recreational markets. It was some time ago a division of the United Kingdom-based safeguard and aviation organization BAE Systems PLC. The Safariland Group endeavors each day for greatness in advancement, execution, and greatness. With more than 55 years of experience working with law authorization, open security, and the military, Safariland has made a rich legacy in being known as the overall head in holsters, body shield, and duty gear. Utilizing standard binding procedures, one of these 1/2" wide expendable twofold cuffs from Safariland™ will carry out the responsibility of two single-lash disposables. Cuffs have 400lb elasticity and won't slit into detainee's wrists. All nylon cuffs can likewise be composed on to record the date, time of capture or other appropriate data. AP Distributors is collaborating Safariland to provide you high-quality holsters, tactical range backpacks, tactical lightweight helmets & body shields all over the US.