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The "Reaper Shooting Platform" was made to fill the void between the poorly fabricated, lower quality shooting rests and the costly immobile ones while conveying the shooter the way to be exceptionally precise outside of the inclined position. Kopfjager Industries have thoroughly considered everything about its structure and development depending on their joined foundations in military, law requirement and aeronautic design. This platform genuinely is an advancement in shooting rests. With this rest, we have brought expert sharpshooter/proficient shooting procedures to the normal outdoorsman without bargaining quality or compactness. We're certain the ergonomics of this rest joined with its smooth pan-tilt and prevalent locking capacity will give the shooter unrivaled exactness in a wide exhibit of shooting positions. The "Reaper Grip" is a reduced alternative created by Kofhager for those requiring somewhat more movability. The hold is made out of a patent-pending fixed jaw related to a pivoting jaw. AP Distributors has partnered with Kopfjager Industries to provide you high-end shooting rest tripod all over the US at your doorstep.