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Airforce Airguns Products

AP Distributor partners with Airforce Airguns is an American manufacturer of pre-charged pneumatic air rifles. The company was founded in 1994 in Fort Worth, Texas. The rifles are designed for better user experience as they are lightweight, accurate, and inexpensive. The design additionally acquiesces easy & simple attachment of accessories, also easily adjustable in power. The design also supports easy additional attachment of accessories, as well be easily adjustable in power. The rifles are made comprehensively from aluminum, at the same time, where important, steel is used in the trigger mechanism. The barrels are produced & assembled by the German company Lothar Walther. Barrels can be interchanged to switch either caliber or vigor level of the rifle. Two supplementary rifle models have been further added in Airforce Air Rifles family, the Escape and the Texan. These are one of the most advanced Rifles with pneumatic technology introduced in the market. AP Distributor provides wide range of high-quality Airforce Airguns at a very low price and fully meets customer’s expectation. Products include Big Bore Air Rifle, Air Pistols, Utility Rifles, Target Air Rifles and Air Gun Pellets.