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PepperBall® PPC™ 13cu HPA5 Pack (5 PPCs with Three 10 Round Magazines per, Soft Case per, HPA Bottle, HPA Adapter with On/Off, and Adjustable Stock, 90 Ct. PepperBall INERT, 90 Ct. LIVE-X™, 50 Ct. Inert VXR™ and 50 Ct. LIVE-X VXR™)
PPC™ Lightweight and portable, the PPC is designed to give patrol officers an easy-to-operate non-lethal option. The PPC uses PepperBall .68 caliber round or VXR projectiles and is powered by either HPA or an 88-gram single-use CO2 cartridge.
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PepperBall TCP Pistol
The Tactical Compact Pistol, our smallest PepperBall® launcher, gives you the ability to carry a multi-shot, non-lethal product on your belt.
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PepperBall TCP Level 2 Security Holster
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PepperBall TCP Universal Magazine
TCP Spare Universal Magazine - Black (Functions with VXR and Round Projectiles)
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PepperBall Single Mag TMP or TCP  Magazine Pouch
Holds one spare TMP or TCP mag, Universal Molle platform, durable nylon construction
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PepperBall 8g CO2 Cartridges (for TCP) 10 Count
These PepperBall 8 gram co2 cartridges for use in the TCP Pistol, LifeLite Mobile, First Strike FSC, and other launchers that require 8 gram Co2.
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PepperBall SplitShot
Product Features: Projects enveloping cloud of PAVA powder up to 20ft. - Instant aeration of PAVA powder - Ideal for confined areas
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PepperBall TCP  Hard Case
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PepperBall FTC Basic
Semi-automatic Firing rate of 10-12 RPS Compact lightweight modular design MIL-STD-1913 Rail for mounting accessories Cross-bolt safety switch 13 Cubic inch high pressure air system
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PepperBall Gravity Hopper
PepperBall Gravity Hopper - 180 round capacity
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