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BLAST™ REFILLS 5 Refills for the PepperBall BLAST. Available INERT and LIVE-X.
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PepperBall® Blast™ - LIVE-X™ 5 Pack (BLAST launchers loaded with LIVE-X)
The PepperBall Blast is an ideal short range solution for law enforcement and corrections. With a 3x powder payload per shot the Blast is effective for up to a 15 ft distance and is refillable. Available in Inert and LIVE-X concentrations.
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PepperBall BLAST-GB
BLAST-GB™ A solid tool for a specific purpose. The BLAST-GB offers a durable, high-hardness tungsten carbide hammer tip to safely break through auto and other glass. The BLAST-GB offers all the same payload features as the basic BLAST.
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