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Armytek Zippy
Miniature yet durable, the first Armytek keychain light is indispensable where an additional light source is required.
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Armytek Zippy Extended Set
Thin, lightweight and stylish Armytek Zippy is now 3 in 1. Multi-flashlight Zippy Extended Set, which has no equivalents, is suitable for daily use, services or camping.
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Armytek Zippy WR Extended Set
The most compact 3 in 1 multi flashlight with white and red LEDs. Suitable for fishing, car service, repairs, camping and any other day-to day or professional use.
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Armytek Prime C2 Pro Magnet USB
Powerful Every Day Carry light 2 in 1. Classic form and wide output for day-to-day and professional tasks. Suitable for walking, camping, cycling and car service. General and advanced operation.
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