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Vortex - FogFree lens cleaning Field Kit
This lightweight kit will soon top your "Don't leave home without it" list. Everything you need to keep your optics sparkling clean in the field.
Vortex - Lens Cleaning Pen
The black LensPen Lens Cleaner is a small, lightweight, pen-shaped cleaning tool, designed for camera lenses and other optical items. Its 0.47" (12mm) cleaning tip is slightly concave, making it especially compatible with the convex shape of lenses on digital SLR cameras,
Vortex - VTX FogFree lens cleaning kit
Let the best view shine through your optics with a quick cleaning. Vortex brings you this cleaning kit for easy cleaning of binoculars, spotting scopes and other optics...even eyeglasses and sunglasses.
Vortex - Lens Cloth
Vortex Lens Cloth LC300 is a lint free microfiber cloth for keeping your binoculars, riflescope, spotting scope and even your sunglasses crystal clear. The Lens Cloth LC-300 by Vortex is specially made to remove fingerprints, smudges and eyelash oils. We offer complete line of Vortex Cleaning Kits. For our complete selection of products by Vortex on sale please visit our Vortex page. For more Cleaning Kits please visit our cleaning kit store section.