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If you use cutting tools, BLADEā„¢ is what you need to protect and maximize the performance of your cutting tools. It is the perfect product for - Hunters, Fishermen, LEO and Military men and women, People with Lawnmowers & Hedge Clippers, Farmers, Livestock Farmers, Landscapers, Tree Trimmers, Miners, Barbers and Beauticiansā€¦ All these groups have important, often expensive, and valuable tools with blades that not only need to be protected - they need to be OPTIMIZED.
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12 Survivors 4.5
The 12 Survivors Fixed Blade Knife TS71003K is one of the components of the Knife Rollup Kit and is integral for outdoor survival. With its rubber coated handle, this Fixed Blade Knife from 12 Survivors is great for wet conditions and will not slip out of your hand when in use. For a great way to make sure you can slice through whatever might stand in your way, choose the 12 Survivors Fixed Blade Knife for Knife Rollup Kit.
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