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PepperBall 8g CO2 Cartridges (for TCP) 10 Count
These PepperBall 8 gram co2 cartridges for use in the TCP Pistol, LifeLite Mobile, First Strike FSC, and other launchers that require 8 gram Co2.
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PepperBall 30 Cubic Inch HPA Tank
PepperBall® 3K aluminum High Pressure Systems (HPA) feature a robust design and high quality 3000psi adjustable output regulator.
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PepperBall® SCUBA Air Fill Kit - SCUBA Tank, Air Fill Adapter & Whip
80 cu. ft. tank for refilling PepperBall 13 cu. in. or 47 cu. in. high pressure air bottles.
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PepperBall SCUBA Tank w/Harrison Valve
SCUBA TANK W/ VALVE 80 cu ft tank for refilling PepperBall 13 cu in, 30 cu in, and 62 cu in high-pressure air bottles.
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PepperBall Air Fill Whip
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PepperBall 62 Cubic Inch HPA Tank
PepperBall 62 Cubic Inch HPA Tank works with Riot Expansion Kit and custom carbine SX. Regulator and fill nipple cover is included.
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PepperBall 88 Gram CO2 2ct
The PepperBall 88 gram Co2 Cartridge is a non-refillable, one time use, air source for the Patrol Carbine, and the VKS. A threaded tip allows you to quickly change out after use and requires an adapter(not included). The 88g cartridges are disposable after use and rated to have a long shelf life. You can expect up to 100-125 shots per cartridge.
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PepperBall 88 Gram CO2 On/Off Adapter
The PepperBall 88 gram On/Off Adapter is the first ever screw in CO2 adapter specifically designed to thread onto 88 gram cartridges for use in Less-Lethal Launchers. Compatible with PepperBall launchers that accept air bottles. The 88g CO2 adapter is simple to install and operate, allowing the user to power their launcher with PepperBall 88gram Co2 Cartridges.
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