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10x42 WP, Level ED, ED Glass
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1x30mm ION Reflex Sight
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Talon Glock 19 OWB Holster (RIGHT HAND)
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Ultimate Hybrid Holsters
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Springfield Armory XD-S | RIGHT HAND -Defender
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Mega-Fit Holster (Fit over 150 pistols)
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Handcuff Pouch with Belt Clip
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PepperBall Two-Point Sling
Securely attaches your launcher to your body during tactical movement.
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FD-4 Arca Spec QD BiPod
The Accu-Tac FD-4 Arca Spec QD bipod was designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA. The FD-4 G2 bipod is perfect for bolt action guns, precision, target, competition, and airguns shooting. This is only a suggested use, this model is not exclusive to these applications.
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Large enough to carry personal gear, extra ammo and all manners of tactical gear with dozens of compartments to store all the gear you’ll need for a three day excursion.
PEPPERBALL® RED DOT SIGHT Durable red dot sight that can be used with a variety of non-lethal PepperBall launchers.
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Viper Modernization Kit
Upgrade your Viper Helmet with these mission ready, essential components.
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Viper Helmet Storage Bag
Durable, water-resistant, easy-carry satchel for secure Viper helmet storage
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Viper Front Mount
The Viper Front Mount is a lightweight, multi-purpose mount for the Advanced Combat Helmet with an interchangeable center piece system. Serving as a Night Vision Goggle (NVG) mount in a slim and easy to use design, the receiver component can be swapped to accommodate various NVG interface plates. The Front Mount enables seamless integration of the Batlskin Visor, Mandible Guards and rails. Tested in a wide range of operational venues, the Batlskin Front Mount delivers class-leading stability for NVG use and the crucial ability to up-armor when needed.
Viper Interlocking Long Rails
Interlocking Long Rails offer a system upgrade enabling quick and easy head borne accessory attachment. Offering the ability to tailor the helmet depending on the mission at hand, the rail system allows for cameras, lights, and other accessories to be outfitted. The rails have multiple entry points and accept widely used rail bases.
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Viper O2 Straps
The Viper O2 Strap allows for easy integration of respirator systems with the Viper Rails
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Caiman Fixed Arm Visor
Locked-in ballistic visor shield that works in conjunction with equipment mounted to the Caiman helmet's Wilcox Shroud. This item is only available for Military, Law Enforcement & Government end users.
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Caiman NVG Arm Visor
Adjustable visor protection designed to directly, quickly, and securely clip into the Caiman helmet's Wilcox® L4 Series Shroud. This item is only available for Military, Law Enforcement & Government end users.
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Viper Standard Visor
The Viper Standard Visor is a lightweight and easy to use protective enhancement to the Batlskin Head Protection System. It provides flawless optics to ensure the soldier is never distracted from the mission, while its unique pivot arm allows for three in-service positions: up when not in use, vented for cooling, and locked in the down position to protect against movement during blast and ballistic impact.
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